Victoria Salmeri
Outdoors - Litchfield Villa, Prospect Park (location map)
Friday, 12:00 PM - 12:35 PM
04/09/21 - 06/11/21 (10 weeks)


This WINTER we will continue to take Music Together Babies Only OUTDOORS whenever possible! 

We will use some space in Prospect Park next to the Litchfield Villa right where 5th Street runs into Prospect Park West, set up a socially distanced circle with picnic blankets and sing, dance, shake, tap and laugh our way through the semester.

With health and safety being the priority we will limit this class to 6 families and ask all adults to wear masks until they get set up on their picnic blanket.

Please be sure to bring shakers, rhythm sticks and scarves, as well as a picnic blanket! 

Outdoor classes will be 30-35 minutes long and on rainy/snowy days or if the temperature drops below 45 degrees they will be taught on Zoom instead!

Any make-ups for missed classes can be done in any of our online classes!


Babies classes are designed for pre-verbal, pre-mobile infants, eight months and younger. The class and the teacher form a terrific resource for new parents, with many lullabies, lap songs, and songs without words.

You should take the Babies Class if:

  • your baby is still content to lay on his or her back for short periods of time
  • you prefer to be in a class without toddlers and older children
  • you prefer a more gentle introduction to group activities

This class serves as a gradual introduction to the program and cannot be repeated. Babies greatly benefit from and are always allowed to join in our mixed-age classes.

Upcoming Meetings
04/23/21    12:00 PM Friday 04/23/21 12:00 PM
04/30/21    12:00 PM Friday 04/30/21 12:00 PM
05/07/21    12:00 PM Friday 05/07/21 12:00 PM
05/14/21    12:00 PM Friday 05/14/21 12:00 PM
05/21/21    12:00 PM Friday 05/21/21 12:00 PM
05/28/21    12:00 PM Friday 05/28/21 12:00 PM
06/04/21    12:00 PM Friday 06/04/21 12:00 PM
06/11/21    12:00 PM Friday 06/11/21 12:00 PM