The Rhodes Piano Method™

The Rhodes Piano Method™ is an early and accelerated "on ramp" to musical learning and piano education!
Once our students engage with the piano and are excited, our method takes them deep into musical learning.
Our modern, innovative teaching approach combines improvisation and composition. This allows instructors to teach musical concepts naturally, and intuitively.
Students of all ages learn to play songs, chords, read music, compose, and begin developing their own style!
The Rhodes Piano Method™ is designed to enable students of all ages to start playing the piano quickly and confidently. Each student has his or her own full-sized keyboard in class. Our learning environment is enthusiastic, positive and exciting!

With our proprietary visual tools and techniques, students learn to play songs with both hands (melody and chords) very early in the learning process.
The Rhodes Piano Method™ includes a 72-week curriculum, taught over two years and divided into twelve-week semesters.

Rhodes Method books are supplemented with current popular songs to connect our students to music they love. This motivates our students to practice and improve, and dramatically increases their learning and satisfaction.

At the end of the first session, students are ready to continue on their musical journey.