Rhodes Private Piano Lessons 45min

Zev Haber
NikosKids Music Center - 7 days a week (location map)
Tuesday, TBA
06/26/18 - 08/07/18 (6 weeks)


We will be offering individualized instruction in the Rhodes Piano Method  for new and advanced students. available in 30 or 45 min sessions. Our patient, experienced and supportive  instructors will lead you through our method at your own pace and with your musical goals in mind.

Lessons will be scheduled by contacting  zevmusic@gmail.com

Lessons are available in 4 packs 

Upcoming Meetings
06/26/18    TBA Tuesday 06/26/18 TBA
07/03/18    <None> Tuesday (July 4th WEEK) 07/03/18 (July 4th WEEK)
07/10/18    TBA Tuesday 07/10/18 TBA
07/17/18    TBA Tuesday 07/17/18 TBA
07/24/18    TBA Tuesday 07/24/18 TBA
07/31/18    TBA Tuesday 07/31/18 TBA
08/07/18    TBA Tuesday 08/07/18 TBA